Best of the barrels by Taste of Tulbagh

Best of the Barrels by Taste of Tulbagh is an exclusive range of red and white wine blends grown, produced and bottled on site at Lemberg Estate in Tulbagh.

Each blend is an expression of not only the region, but of what we at Taste of Tulbagh find exceptional when it comes to blends. Lemberg Estate is the ideal in this regard, because of their incredible range of Pinot noir, Grenache noir, Pinotage, Syrah, Sauvignon blanc, Viognier and the ever-fascinating Hungarian cultivar Hárslevelü. This range has resulted in us dipping into the best of their barrels, to create three mind-blowingly sophisticated blends.

Named after the different barrel sizes used to age and influence each wine’s final taste, Taste of Tulbagh now brings you this exclusive range of wines, with only 100 case of each available (although some have already been sold, so it’s a good idea to purchase this exquisite and exclusive range now!).

Puncheon 2020: a red blend of Pinotage, Syrah, Grenache noir, Mourvèdre and Pinot noir. It has often been hailed a favourite by experienced red wine drinkers who prefer a punchy, full-bodied and dramatic taste. 

Barrique 2019: a red blend of Grenache noir, Syrah, Pinot noir and Petit Verdot. Not has heavy as it’s 2020 forerunner, this red wine is lighter, crisper and for those red wine drinkers who enjoy a more subtle, softer tannin structure, this is surely the one. 

Solera 2021: Harslevelu, Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc and Viognier. The white wine answer for our non-red wine drinkers! This beautifully refreshing, fruity, yet full-bodied and robust wine is excellent with any meal while leaving you with a long finish.