Established in 1978 by legendary winemaker Janey Muller, Lemberg became known for its Sauvignon Blanc and Hárslevelü. The name originates from Lemberg, Poland – now known as Lviv, Ukraine, after the change of borders – where her husband was born.

Since it’s purchase in 2007, the boutique estate has seen development in the vineyard and the cellar. Now boasting a production capacity of 100tons and additional plantings of Pinot noir, Grenache noir, Pinotage and Syrah, with the original Sauvignon blanc still producing excellent fruit, planting Viognier and the ever-fascinating Hungarian cultivar Hárslevelü.

The consistent pace for perfection, patience and passion still drive the duo Henk du Bruyn and Suzette Jansen van Rensburg to further the labour of love that is Lemberg. This philosophy is achieved by the underlying energy of teamwork that drives the force and success of Lemberg.

The endearing English bulldogs – Nelson, Rose, Ella and Louis who are always eager to welcome visitors at the tasting room – in the footsteps and memory of Spencer and Lady.