Saronsberg – Sauvignon Blanc

Saronsberg – Sauvignon Blanc


The wine has a translucent colour with a green edge, showing prominent tropical, gooseberry and fruit-salad flavours, followed by hints of grass a full-bodied mouthfeel and a refreshingly flinty aftertaste.


The grapes were hand-picked in the early morning hours in four separate pickings to maximise flavour diversity. It was then force-cooled to 4 °C, bunch-sorted and de-stemmed into satellite tanks. The mash was deposited into cold soak tanks for 12 hours at 8 °C. The free-run juice was drained to settling tanks and the skins pressed, keeping the free-run and press fractions separate. After settling for 48 hours at 5 °C using only enzymes, the clear juice was racked and allowed to heat up for yeast inoculation. The juice was fermented at 11 °C for 16 to 22 days with Vin7 and B2000 yeasts. It was left on the fine lees at 16 °C for 3 months after fermentation, stirring every 10 days. The Sauvignon Blanc was handled reductively throughout the vinification process using CO2 and nitrogen. Bentonite was added for protein stabilisation, followed by a coarse sheet filtration prior to bottling. Bottling was done with a sterile sheet filtration and the wine was bottle aged for 3 months prior to release.


Alcohol:                  13.28 vol %

Total acid:               6.6 g/l

pH:                           3.24

Residual sugar:      1.7 g/l

Volatile acidity:      0.36 g/l

Free sulphur:          43 mg/l

Total sulphur:        147 mg/l


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