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Swanepoel - White Pinotage

This wine is a true expression of the versatility of the iconic Pinotage grape and shows aromas of white pear and peaches.


Swanepoel - Pinotage Red

This wine shows aromas of bright red fruit and has fine grained tannins ensuring a long lasting aftertaste.


Swanepoel - Shiraz 2019

Flavours of black berries and white pepper with a fynbos undertone. Aged in a barrel for 24 months.


Swanepoel - SMG Rose 2022

A blend of Shiraz (46%) Mourvèdre (31%) Grenache (23%) elegant with notes of strawberries and cream


Swanepoel - Vassileon GPS Cape Ruby (Port)

A blend between Grenache Pinotage and Shiraz made by the help of our Cretan friend.


Swanepoel - Grenache MCC 2020

Our maiden vintage. A fresh and crisp style of MCC -one of very few made from Grenache Noir in South Africa.


Swanepoel - Grenache Noir 2020

This wine shows aromas of bright red fruits such as cranberries and cherries. Aged in a barrel for 18 months.


Compagnies Wijn Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reserve 2019

A very concentrated style of Cabernet Sauvignon with great age ability.  Aged in a barrel for 36 months.


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Oude Compagnies Post: Home to Swanepoel Wines, Celebrating the Renowned White Pinotage

Step into the world of Oude Compagnies Post, where the legacy of Swanepoel Wines shines with its acclaimed White Pinotage. Nestled against the Obiqua mountains, our estate offers more than just stunning views – it provides the perfect canvas for our historic stone cellar and cozy farm cottages.

Here, you have the unique opportunity to savor our prized White Pinotage, an innovation that has earned Swanepoel Wines its esteemed reputation. Crafted with precision and passion, this varietal is a testament to the dedication of our winemakers. With its delicate balance of fruit and oak, it stands as a true gem in the world of South African wines.

Explore the roots of this extraordinary vintage straight from the barrel, or embark on a captivating hike to our serene Yellowwood forest. Afterward, unwind with a glass of your chosen wine, soaking in the tranquil ambiance of our vineyard.

At Oude Compagnies Post, we extend a warm welcome to all, inviting you to become a part of our history. Elevate your corporate or private event with the charm of our estate, steeped in the traditions of ages past. For those seeking a truly memorable stay, our farm accommodations offer a perfect retreat.

Come, experience Oude Compagnies Post, where Swanepoel Wines and the renowned White Pinotage await, promising an unforgettable journey into the world of exceptional winemaking.

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  1. Nicholas Geils

    Well if you haven’t tried the GPS port wine from Swanepoel farm then you need to try it before it runs out completely. My other favourite is the Pinotage, highly recommend their whole collection actually

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