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Please note that there is a minimum order of 6 bottles with every order you place. This can be made up with full cases of the same wine or mixing whatever suits you fancy.

Waverley Hills - Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon

Classical fresh and floral Sauvignon blanc/Semillon complexity with herbaceous, tropical fruit and cut grass flavours complemented with strong fynbos/garrigue aromas. Fresh, easy drinking wine, with floral undertones, that is well-balanced on the palate with a lingering after taste of grass and fynbos/garrigue.

Waverley Hills - Grenache Rosé

This attractive pale pink Rose wine has fresh flavours of prickly pears, fynbos (garrigue) and watermelon. This easy drinking wine is well-balanced with a fresh and fruity palate with tropical flavours and enough weight to give it a lasting after taste.

Waverley Hills - Chardonnay

Subtle citrus fruit, lemon grass and fynbos flavours are complimented by flinty aromas and complimented with the oak.  The wine has a full and well-balanced palate with a lingering fruity after taste.

Waverley Hills - MCC

A lively, fresh golden colour with a green tint is the first impression of this wine. The mousse is thick and brilliant white with millions of small bubbles. The aromas coming through on this wine is that of capsicum, green apples and fynbos, with a clean, creamy and velvety freshness. 

Waverley Hills - Cabernet Sauvignon No Added Sulphites

Waverley Hills - Shiraz

Intense purple centre with a dark red rim. Plums, rosemary and sweet spice aromas rounded off by fresh red pepper. On the palate the wine has elegant tannins and a dry finish with spicy and oaky notes.

Waverley Hills - Grenache

Flavours of watermelon, violets and strawberries are integrated with the subtle oak to give this wine a fresh complexity. The palette has a creamy taste and is long lasting with smooth and grippy tannins to make it the perfect food wine for all occasions.

Waverley Hills - Shiraz Mouvedre Viognier

The deep ruby centre is complemented with strong plum, oak and spicy tones. A bouquet of violets and fresh fruits leaps out of the glass.

Waverley Hills - Cabernet Sauvignon Caberne Franc Merlot

Deep red centre with bright red rim. Plum and rosemary aromas denote its freshness which is rounded off by subtle spicy and fynbos notes.

Waverley Hills - CW Reserve Shiraz

Intense purple colour. Concentrated white spices, fresh plum and fynbos (garrigue) aromas rounded off by floral and violet notes and the smoky flavours of French oak.

Waverley Hills - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

A smooth and buttery mouthfeel with freshly cut grass and pungent peppery notes shape this complex olive oil.

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